Granite and Quartz are still top choice for countertops

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HGTV recently posted an article “Natural Counters Rise to the top” . Although the article focused on Natural stone still being the better alternative than tile counters; a material not many Georgia residence really used in abundance, there is still a great point.  There are several “designer” alternatives out there today, such as quartz, concrete and glass, butcher block and yes, natural stone is still a designer choice. But how does one decide between all of these?

I can tell you now, that whatever you choose, you want it to be durable, long lasting, attractive and timeless. Nothing says that more than natural stone slabs,  environmentally friendly recycled glass in concrete and Quartz. All items that Stone Select can offer you guidance on, hundreds of color options and professional installation.

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“Homeowners are moving away from tile countertops, which are difficult to maintain, in favor of natural stone, solid surfaces and environmentally friendly ‘green’ products,” says Margaret Began, owner and showroom manager of Stoneworks Ltd. in Bedford, Ohio.
Granite is still the biggest thing out there, notes Margaret, but less common materials like marble, limestone and soapstone are becoming more popular countertop choices.
“For years we’ve been instructed to avoid these particular materials because they were said to stain, scratch and etch,” Margaret says. “But they are much more durable than we have been led to believe.”
Greatly improved sealers and a routine maintenance schedule are all it takes to turn these elegant natural heirlooms into rough-and-ready countertops.
For homeowners looking to jazz up their modern kitchens with bright, bold countertops, Margaret recommends quartz. (source

For more information and additional questions, contact the countertops specialist of Atlanta Stone Select. And for a free quote call 678-653-5273

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