I thought Granite and Marble were sustainable stones, what makes this product more “Earth Friendly” than natural stone?

Granite and Marble are indeed stones directly from mother nature and not synthetically produced with harmful chemicals or manmade inventions. And natural stones are durable enough to last a lifetime. However, since Granite and Marble countertops are slabs cut directly out of nature that had been created over centuries, makes this material less likely to be available for the masses over time. In fact, the reason there are some granite and marble colors that cost more than others, isn’t just because it’s “prettier”, it’s because there is less of it available, or located in a more remote areas of the world to extract for fabrication.

The alternative being another attractive, durable, material comprised of concrete and recycled glass. Now who wouldn’t want to use a material comparable to Granite and Marble but with less maintenance, while also saving Earth’s resources? No worries if you install this in your Kitchen, Bathroom, Fireplace hearth, Basement Bar, Outdoor kitchen or Commercial applications? You are sure to have a beautiful countertop that brings your overall design together.

Dwell magazine refers to it as ‘‘a superhero of the countertop world.’’

Sustainable products
IceStone and Vetrazzo have both been used in countless LEED Certified projects.


Made in the USA:

IceStone is entirely sourced in the USA and every slab is cast in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York City’s premier site for innovation and industry. We believe in empowering all employees, and full time workers receive a living wage, health care, and on-site job training.

Healthy products for healthy people:

IceStone’s core ingredients are the simplest on the market: recycled glass, portland cement, and non-toxic pigments. It’s free of plasticizers and resins, and therefore won’t emit any carcinogenic fumes or other endocrine disrupters in your home or office.

Vetrazzo  – The Basics

Vetrazzo is an extremely durable and easy-to-maintain surface. It’s comparable to Granite in strength, scratch resistance, heat resistance, durability, and care and maintenance.

Will it stain?

Vetrazzo is less likely to stain than marble and concrete and equivalent to some granite. But you do have to care for it. 85% of the surface is glass, which is impervious to stain. However, acids (like red wine, lemon juice and vinegar will etch the matrix of the surface (the concrete area between glass) if not cleaned up right away. And staining agents (like coffee and tea) will leave a trace if allowed to remain on the surface for a prolonged period.

Luckily, like aged butcher block, marble, and concrete; signs of living can actually enhance  the character of the surface. If you clean messes up quickly, your Vetrazzo will remain unchanged. If you are more carefree, you may appreciate the natural patina that develops as you live with and enjoy your Vetrazzo. Also, dark mixes and those with patina hide the signs of a carefree lifestyle remarkably well.

Need a lot of maintenance?

No. it’s mostly glass. Keep it clean with soap and water, (avoiding harsh abrasives). When the mood strikes you, buff it with a wax a few times a year and reseal it once every year or two. Pretty simple.

Can you cut on it?

Sure, but you’ll dull your knife.

Can you put a hot pot on it?

Yep,  It’s glass and concrete. As with any sealed surface, prolonged excessive heat could compromise the sealant. So if you do this often, be sure to reseal periodically.


You bet. Vetrazzo installations are in buildings that have seen millions of visitors since they’ve been installed and show no signs of wear.